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...the only Acts God has ever done,
the only Acts God is doing,
and the only Acts God will ever do!
Your Kingdom
To establish the Kingdom of the Heavens on this Earth, Christ must destroy your kingdom.
To the USA Congress:
You can't shut down the porn industry,
yet you can shut down my constitutional right to free expression on TikTok...'re FIRED.
Do You Not See...
...that by making the observance of Sunday the "Mark of the Beast" you are perverting the True Gospel and condemning all of Christendom to Eternal Damnation??????? Romans 14
The Gospel (with Modifications)
Christians LOVE to inject their "wisdom" into the Gospel; nowhere does this happen more than in the American church.
Invitation or Command?
In American churches people are INVITED to receive the Gospel; this is a un-Biblical heresy. God COMMANDS all people to repent and believe the Gospel. - Acts 17:30,31
We can only Give what we have Received
A woman cannot give her husband a child without first receiving his seed; likewise we cannot give God worship, glory or obedience without first receiving the Seed of His Word fertilized by the Holy Spirit.
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