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The Narrow Way

February 2024

To those who subscribe to the Gospel as the Only Way to God and the Only Escape from inevitable judgment and damnation, it's important to identify the True Gospel of Jesus Christ from the thousands of counterfits clammering for the seeker's attention.

Referencing the Bible as its Primary Source, The Narrow Way seeks to bring clarity, simplicity and understanding of the only Man Who was able to prove Himself to be The Way, The Truth and The Life! 



The purpose of this book is to declare an accurate and inspiring understanding of the Gospel, leading the reader to fulfilling relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.


In Eternity Past:

  • God Foreknows the believer

  • God Chooses the believer

  • God Predestines the believer

  • God Sanctifies the believer

  • God Elects the believer

In Eternity Present:

  • God Calls the believer

  • God grants Faith to the believer

  • God grants Repentance to the believer

  • God draws the believer to Himself in Prayer

  • God Justifies the believer

  • God grants the believer a public profession in Water Baptism

  • God Disciples the believer

  • God Converts the believer

  • God grants the believer Peace

  • God gives the believer Full Assurance of God's Faithfullness to the believer

  • God Anoints the believer for ministry and service

  • God reminds the believer through Communion Who the believer's Source of Power is.

In Etermity Future

  • God redeems the believer's spirit

  • God redeems the believer's soul

  • God redeems the believer's body

  • God redeems the believer's identity

  • God grants the believer the title of' "Son"

  • God grants the believer the title of "Prophet"

  • God grants the believer the title of "Priest"

  • God grants the believer the title of "King"

  • God grants the believer authority and responsibility

  • God unites the believer to the Body of His Son Jesus

  • God grants the believer His Own Immortal Purity

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