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The Narrow Way (Part 14): Normal?

Updated: Jan 4

The Last Supper

[Word Count: 671]

The Expert

No one understands discipleship better than the Lord Jesus Christ (except maybe Dietrich Bonhoeffer). We will therefore let the Words of Jesus guide us on our survey of the discipleship universe; yet first i would like to share an experience with you...

The Glory

It was on a Wednesday in May of 2002; i had gone to a prayer meeting that evening and had returned to my apartment in Inglewood, California. My brother-in-law had come over to play games on one of the six computers I had in my bedroom-turned-office next door. It was near midnight and i was settling down in bed for the evening.

During all of what happened next i never opened my eyes (probably for fear they would be incinerated), yet i am absolutely sure i was not asleep or unconscious...

I could feel a gentle Light from Heaven shining down upon me; This Light grew steadily brighter with time until it filled the entire universe at an intensity i can only describe as being comparable to the center of our Sun...

...This Light was Christ (Hebrews 1:3).

For reasons known only to Him He removed the veil of blindness that covers us all and allowed me to see True Reality: The Eternal Glory of The GODHEAD (Colossians 2:9).

The Glory of Christ enveloped me, filled me and completely controlled me. I could see with absolute clarity the Heart, Soul and Disposition of GOD The Word...What a WONDERFUL PERSON Jesus is!!!!!

Other things happened, but what i most strongly desire to convey to you is that the lives we experience in this world are NOT as real as Eternity. We live in a temporary sub-reality that is the result of humanity being disconnected from our Great and Precious Heavenly Father.

The experience i was granted is NORMAL REALITY...the environment we were MEANT to be born into and live our lives in!!!

Jesus' Statements on Discipleship ONLY MAKE SENSE in this context. So, as we survey what the Lord says regarding Discipleship, please keep this in mind.

Some Basics

Before we jump into Part Fifteen let's get the basics out of the way...

"Can I be saved WITHOUT being a disciple? Isn't discipleship for Apostles, Prophets, Overseers, Bishops, Evangelists, Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Teachers and the like? Isn't there such a being as a 'lay-saint'?"

Nice try. Sure, you can wait till the day of your execution to connect with Jesus...but remember: the thief on the cross HAD NO IDEA that he would be granted one last chance to be saved. Being Elect is far more than fire insurance; it's an initiation into Heavenly Royalty...a Society in which the only way to rule is to serve. You are no longer your own and your privacy is forfeit because PRIVACY IS NO LONGER have no more embarrassing or shameful secrets (of your own). You are the lense through which the Glory of Deity shines without smudge or stain.

"Salvation is supposed to be FREE, yet discipleship is the most difficult endeavor I've ever engaged in...what gives???"

Discipleship is the easiest lifestyle in the world...if it's your ONLY lifestyle. Try to exist simultaneously in the Spirit AND the flesh...try to be a citizen of Hell AND Heaven're begging for a schizophrenic nightmare. Make up your mind to leap over the cliff with Jesus and all that's left is to enjoy the ride!

GOD is neither a sadist nor a misogynist; He's grooming you to rule the Cosmos at His Side (Revelation 3:21)! You will judge the world (1 Corinthians 6:2)!! You will judge angels (1 Corinthians 6:3)!!!

Start seeing yourself in terms of the future GOD has for you as heir of all He has created!!!!

Discipleship is not an achievement but a Gift; try it on your own and you'll become proud, dry, frustrated and bitter. Let Jesus in, however, and allow Eternal Life to be expressed through you...even the most adverse circumstances are filled with joy, meaning and purpose.

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