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Deathbed Profession

One of the first things GOD showed me when I was born-again was what physical death was like.

If you are saved, death (once the body has finally surrendered itself to the inevitable) is a very pleasant experience.

Lately I’ve wondered what would be my last words to the Church and the world when I finally reach my deathbed (assuming that I die in bed and not somewhere more exciting). So here, for all to see, is my deathbed profession…

You’re either saved, or you’re not.

You’re either in Christ, or you aren’t.

You either depend on Jesus for ALL your spirituality, or you don’t.

If you’re saved, then you KNOW it.

If you’re NOT saved, then you “hope” it.

Hope is a powerful virtue EXCEPT when it comes to SALVATION, where only FAITH is acknowledged.

It has nothing to do with how you FEEL, how many good deeds you did, how many Sabbaths you kept or how superior or experienced or knowledgeable you are in comparison to others.

The Bible says it over and over and over again, but people don’t listen:

Your righteousness is USELESS.

Your devotion is PATHETIC.

Your passion / sincerity is UNACCEPTED.

Your obedience is LAUGHABLE.

Your prayers (without Christ’s Intercession) are IGNORED.

The ONLY deed that Heaven takes note of is when you FORGIVE (from your heart).

The ONLY thing between you and the Lake of Fire is the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST.

Those who try to ADD something to Christ’s Righteousness are CURSED and HAVE NO CLUE how HUGE the gap is between themselves / their religion and their Creator.


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