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On Prayer

There's nothing in Existence you can own except GOD, which is true because GOD has chosen to give Himself to you in the Person of Jesus Christ.

When you receive possession of GOD you must then give your self back to Him. GOD and you are now in fellowship.

In fellowship with GOD you now own everything He owns, yet you must not make the mistake of stopping at ownership, for there is nothing you can own that is more precious than GOD.

Rather, give back to GOD everything you own, that GOD may fill it and you. Then you will be at rest in GOD's Sabbath, which is GOD'S natural state and disposition from all Eternity to all Eternity.

Believers have difficulty with Prayer because they have a hard time BEING STILL ENOUGH to enter The Most Holy Presence.

Even at His most active, GOD is PERFECTLY STILL and dwells in Perfect Sabbath rest.

To be creature-still is to be comfortable being nothing. To be nothing is to exchange your self-awareness for GOD-awareness.

GOD is Divinely-Still and Divinely-Self-Aware.

One truth all sinners share is self-awareness. Self-awareness for a sinner is misery. Socrates advised men to know themselves because he did not know GOD.

GOD-awareness allows the sinner freedom from self-obsession and the opportunity to behold Christ's Beauty and be transformed into That Beauty.

There is nothing sinners dred more than being nothing (death). This is due to GOD's position as fiction in the mind of the sinner. In Christ Jesus GOD becomes real. When GOD becomes real, GOD becomes greater than the self and the sinner loses their fear of death yet still fears judgment. The Cross of Christ takes away the sinner's sin and therefore takes away the fear of judgment.

The Law of GOD will ALWAYS bring judgment, and the Grace of GOD will always bring relief from fear of judgment and True Righteousness.

Righteousness that is based on self-awareness rather than Christ-awareness is ALWAYS devoid of Grace and True Sabbath rest, and therefore cuts the believer off from fellowship with GOD.

The believer can NOT be married to the Law of GOD and Christ at the same time any more than the sinner can be self-aware and  GOD-AWARE simultaneously.

To be married to the Law of GOD is to be self-obsessed, for the Law of GOD is ALWAYS threatening the sinner with judgment. The Law of GOD will NEVER have anything good to say about the sinner.

The Law of GOD condemns; the Grace of GOD saves; therefore the believer who is married to the Law of GOD can NOT pray a prayer that GOD will hear.

Only the Grace of GOD provided through the Blood of Jesus Christ can put an end to judgment, condemnation and self-obsession.

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