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The Resurrection

Updated: May 9

On Thursday, May 9th, 2002 at 12AM, God granted me the experience of the First Resurrection.

I was still living in Los Angeles at the time, in an Inglewood apartment. I had just gotten into bed, and my brother-in-law was in the second bedroom-turned-office, playing games.

Before I continue I want to make two facts clear. First: I was not asleep, nor had I gotten to that point of consciousness where my body was starting to “wind down.” Second, I never saw anything with my physical eyes; that, however, was no handicap…the stark reality of what I experienced in my body and spirit more than made up for the lack of sight.

As I laid back on my pillow I could feel a Heavenly Light starting to shine down on me. The Light quickly grew progressively intense until it seemed as though I was in the core of the Sun. The amount of Divine Power that had consumed my being was beyond measure or comprehension…I was certain that all of Los Angeles had been destroyed.

The light in which I was bathed never diminished in intensity, yet as time progressed I began to “notice” things…

The first thing i noticed was the Presence of Jesus; I realized that all of this glorious Light and Power was emanating from Him. More than this, I was INSIDE Him…as though He and I were occupying the same physical space, with my body inside of His Larger Body.

Christ then began to reveal things to me; for brevity I’m going to skip over what He showed me, but you can read it in my book “The Traveler’s Oasis Book I,” Chapter 18 on Amazon Kindle. That Chapter was written the morning after the experience.

The next thing I noticed was my character: all of my sins, moral weaknesses, emotional wounds and embraced deceptions were revealed in stark contrast to Jesus’ Flawless Perfection as though they were damaged “spiritual organs.” One by one, Jesus replaced them with His Own Divine-yet-Human “spiritual organs” and when He was done I was spotless, blameless, complete, perfect, free and without any sin whatsoever. Sin had finally lost its power over me, and had become nothing more than a “phase” of my past that I had outgrown…and I was now ready to experience REAL Life in Eternity.

At this point the Light began to diminish and fade into Heaven, and I was left in my bed with the same old body and the same old life and the same old problems and the same old sins…yet with the memory of The Impossible.

Point of Fact: While other religions and philosophies claim that a human soul can “achieve” this level of perfection through meditation, self-denial, secret knowledge, ascetics or millions of years of reincarnated effort and patience, The Gospel of Jesus Christ presents this “ascended state”…this great Desire of all nations as a GIFT of God: an incomprehensible ACT of Divine, Magnanimous Generosity, Mercy and Grace requiring nothing on our part but receptive Faith…and gratitude.

“Then said they unto Him, What shall we do, that we might work the Works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the Work of God: that you believe on Him [Jesus] Whom He [God the Father] has sent.” – John 6:28, 29

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