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Calvin's Journal

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Attacked by the Hulk

Earlier today i had this crazy dream in which the Incredible Hulk, filled with inconsolable rage, was chasing me through the streets of my old neighborhood in Los Angeles near the corner of Figueroa Street and Imperial Hwy (the street's original name).

At the start of the terrifying encounter the Hulk, whose enormous weight was equally matched by his inhuman speed, was launching attack after attack...any one of which would've heralded the end of both me and the dream.

But by some miracle of Divine Grace i managed to avoid each missile hurled by those massive arms...juking and twisting between his legs like a mongoose.

Then came that which i had been praying for: a distraction which ever so briefly took the Hulk's attention off me and onto something might have been a broken wall from which extraction of his mighty frame took longer than he anticipated or an entanglement in two vehicles that prevented him regaining his footing...

...i was at one end of a long alley that from my perspective seemed clear for its entire length. The second i became aware of Hulk's distracted attention i took off running through the alley's narrow asphalt-paved path...

...then something clicked in me.

My focus switched from what my body was doing to where i was going. my mind was scores of yards ahead of me, and somehow my body was keeping up!

My arms and legs had found a harmony they had never experienced in the real world; i had to be traversing that alley at an insane 50 MPH--or more!

Terrified up till that point, my heart began to entertain the possibility that i could put considerable distance between myself and the Green Spawn of Satan who was determined above all else to beat the life out of me...

...i turned my head slightly to see if i was being followed...

...there was no one there.

Then i felt the air pressure behind me somehow become equal to the pressure my speed had created in front of me.

And though i couldn't see him and he couldn't see me, i could FEEL him...

...and i realized as my heart sank in despair...

...that he could feel me!

Then i woke up.

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