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First Blog Post: My Point of View

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

For some time now I’ve been blogging on Facebook about the Black Lives Matter movement, both directly and indirectly.

Since the conclusion of the 2016 Presidential election, however, my posts, video and news links highlighting the injustices my fellow black brothers (and to some degree I myself) have experienced have been met with significant backlash from those who either voted for Trump, or believe that, for whatever reason, the Obama Presidency was a dark chapter (pun intended) in our nation’s history best left behind us.

These compatriots have transmitted the impression that the protestants (another pun intended) against Trump’s victory along with activists in the Black Lives Matter movement have made “much ado about nothing” and that Black Lives Matter is itself an expression of racism…reversed or otherwise.

The last thing I desire is to have my Facebook page follow in the path of the riots and debates that are happening all over our land. So I’m creating this blog for those that may be curious about my point of view and are willing to DIALOG, not argue.

Dialog implies a willingness to listen, which always engenders the “danger” of being changed, corrected or enlightened. And as I said on Facebook, we all need to stop shouting at each other and start talking with each other; and it is in that spirit that this blog is created.

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