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The Narrow Way (Part 28): Glory!

Updated: Jan 6

[Word Count: 2475]

Falling Short

I did my best to describe the horrors of Hell, knowing i would fall short. In truth, Hell is simply indescribable, as is Heaven. All I can say at this point, Dear Reader, is that you will see both; and one or the other will become your eternal home.

The Point of It All

Most importantly you will finally meet your Creator; and the moment you gaze into His Piercing Eyes you will realize with relentless clarity that your existence was never about you but was all about Him. He is truly the Center of all attention, the Cause of all excitement, the Objective of all worship, the Fountain of all life, the Nexus of all reality and the Meaning behind all chaos. Even evil itself, as brief a part it played in the panorama of cosmic history, only existed to serve His marvelous Purpose...then to be no more forever.


GOD has the Power to make you Perfect and He has the Power to take you to levels of Perfection the existence of which you have never imagined. If your portion is with the saints, you will become as much like GOD as is possible without becoming an object of worship.

GOD will fill you with His Spirit, His Character, His Joy and The Peace that predates the stars. Your relationship with worry, anxiety and fear will be severed for Eternity. You will be clothed with His Glory and His Beauty while still retaining your own personality and ethnic features. I suspect we all will be pleasantly surprised at how many figures of Biblical history did not have the skin complexion we thought they had.

The End as the Beginning

After your Glorification you will realize that your earthly life was your true womb and that you have finally begun your real life into which you have now been truly born again by the Power of Christ's Holy Spirit. If you passed through physical death, you now look back on death with a laugh. Up to now you have walked in darkness, your only Lamp the Living Word of Faith your Father placed in your heart. Now that Lamp has exploded into an eternally brilliant supernova ignited by the Love that would not let you go even in your most fallen state.

The angels that were assigned to you in your earthly life now stand at your side as your eternal companions, their countless eons of wisdom and guidance available to you forever!

Reunion after reunion with saved family members known as well as unknown along with redeemed ancestors going back to the beginning of time will occupy you.

Saved friends and coworkers as well as those Divine appointments (saved people you may have only met once) will want to hug you as well.

People who accompanied you to Salvation with whom you may have had a breach of trust will now be the targets of apologies and reconciliation; later on, at the Judgment Seat of Christ all loose ends will be tied and all broken relationships between saints will be settled and healed.

The Rule of Christ

There are still hundreds of years of Earth's history left to witness and much to be done. For the next thousand years you must assist in the restoration of an Earth devastated by millennia of sin, desertification, flood, earthquakes, pollution, war, demonic activity and the terrors of the Great Tribulation.

Satan sits bound in the darkness of the Abyss in chains forged by holy angels, unable to deceive the nations till he is set free for the last time before he is cast into the Lake of Fire and Sulfur forever.

Surviving nations must be subdued and rebuilt under Christ's Government in which you are now a ruler. You will be assigned to a region either in the country of your birth or the country of your longest residency. All of Christ's Power, Wisdom and Agenda will be at your disposal, and it will be your responsibility to make sure His Will is executed in the regions under your authority (actually, that's your responsibility now, isn't it?).


All military aggression of any kind is prohibited; only Christ Himself is allowed to make war. All of the world's armies and navies, with all their ships, vehicles and weapons, will be unnecessary and therefore decommissioned and dismantled along with all law enforcement organizations. Laws that contradict the principles of Christ's Rule will all be repealed. All passports and visas will be abolished. The dark masters of world finance, along with all of those who have served Satan and his Antichrist have all been cast into the Lake of Fire and Sulfur, leaving huge gaps of authority and political power...these positions will be filled by you and your fellow saints according to decisions already determined by your Father.

All nations that reject or protest Christ's Reign will be disciplined by either climate change or direct intervention. All political parties will be abolished and all terrorist, revolutionary and activist activities will be banned. All criminal activity--legal and illegal--will cease. Criminal law itself will be redefined.

The homeless will all be housed and employed. The poor will all be fed and educated. All oppression will stop. All prisons will be opened, and their occupants released, tutored and given jobs and homes.

All food that is detrimental to human health and longevity will be discontinued. The manufacture and distribution of all processed nutrition will be abolished. Local farms will be established, and people trained in proper and effective agricultural techniques will run them. Human life spans will start to grow again.

All religions (Christian or otherwise), philosophies, new age and metaphysical cults and freemasonry chapters will cease to function. The Love of Christ will revolutionize all areas of human society.

The Seventh Day Sabbath, so long forgotten by institutionalized Christendom, will be reinstituted around the world. No one will be allowed to work on the Sabbath and so-called emergency services will be managed by the saints, who will distribute the healing power of Christ to all who need it, minimizing the need for medical facilities.

The Marriage Supper

Before Satan is released the Glorious New Jerusalem shall be brought down from GOD out of Heaven to a place on Earth prepared for its 1,500 square mile footprint; this shall be your Eternal Home forever!

There are no words in human language that can express the glory, majesty and beauty of The Holy City! In fact, though you may not have noticed, your earthly language has been replaced with the language of angels that is utterly beautiful and strong to the ear!

The City of GOD is far too large to be viewed in Its entirety on a single tour; everyone is brought within Its precincts to an enormous dining hall with one set of tables filled with plates, chalices, and utencils appropriate to each saint's culture and another set of tables overflowing with culinary delights the like of which has never been seen on Earth!

Somehow everyone knows where to sit, and everyone is seated next to someone they knew on Earth.

Jesus Himself, assisted by the angels, begins to transport the food from the tables to where the saints are seated. It took hours, yet everyone was courteous and patient while the hot food stayed perfectly hot, and the chilled food stayed perfectly chilled and the food in between remained at the perfect temperature.

Once Jesus took His seat with the Apostles and raised His chalice, everyone else also raised theirs. He looked across the hall with tears in His Eyes, and everyone started crying too. Then everyone drank, then started eating, talking and laughing. After a few hours people started visiting other tables and trying other people's food. Then the sound of beautiful music could be heard, and people started dancing with each other and with Jesus and... was just the best feast anyone could remember attending!

The Last Rebellion

Will those who survive the Great Tribulation and live during the thousand-year Reign of Christ be saved from their sins without experiencing the Second Resurrection or the Transformation given to the saints who are alive at Christ's Second Coming?

I don't know.

What the Bible says is that when Satan is released, he will go out and gather the unsaved nations for one last assault on the people of GOD and the New Jerusalem. Your Father shall reply with lightning from Heaven and incinerate all the unsaved.

Outside the Great Walls of The New Jerusalem, the Devil is dragged into the presence of Heaven's Family for a final look: like a stand-up comedian the Devil does his predictable psychopathic set of jokes with no remorse, the scent of insanity on his lips along with seasonings of artificial laughter. Satan's last tirade is met with deafening silence. Pure Righteous Hatred fills every holy eye as every citizen of Heaven turns their back to the father of lies. The Devil glares at them all with contempt till his eyes meet Christ's; despite his enormous strength, Lucifer is unable to meet Christ's Gaze for more than a moment.

Lucifer let's out a cry of surprise as he is finally cast into the Lake of Fire and Sulfur to join his demons, the Antichrist and the False Prophet in a Bath of Divine Wrath and torment for all Eternity. There will be no levity, partying or leisure in this Hell; each being will be in far too much agony to enjoy anyone else's company.


Then you will witness an awesome Wonder: the Universe itself will begin to collapse under the weight of your Father's Presence as His Mighty Throne, with your Father Himself sitting on it, larger than all the galaxies combined, appears in the Heavens! His Face is so brilliant and so glorious and so beautiful, you--even in your glorified state--can barely glance upon It.

New Jerusalem, with you and all the saints from all human history safe within Its Walls, lifts off the Earth towards your Father as the Earth itself begins to melt and collapse along with the Universe. You begin to worship your Father as His booming Voice summons all the unsaved dead from the land and sea...spirit, soul and body, into His Presence for the Final Judgment.

The Last Judgment

Leaving The Holy City, you and the saints come upon a great Courtroom suspended around the Great White Throne Which fills your vision. But for the Throne and Courtroom before you and New Jerusalem behind you, the Earth and Universe are no more.

The Courtroom before The Throne is filled with people: all the unsaved people who have ever lived upon the Earth since the first man caught GOD'S Breath.

It may have taken may have taken thousands of millennia; in the Presence of your Father it's difficult to tell. There are no stars or galaxies left to track Time, only the intense Radiance of your Father's Glory saturating everything with unimaginable Light and Power.

Human after human by the millions appear before the Throne, withering under the Eyes that see all. Book after book is opened and are called upon to participate in this tragic research. You're reading history---ALL of history--as if for the first time without lies or bias.

With few exceptions the same excuses, pleas and begging for Mercy are expressed with the utmost sincerity...and answered with unbearable truthfulness and clarity.

Without exception every man, woman and youth's name are checked against the Book of Life...each name is never found There. Tears well up in your eyes as each person is thrown screaming into the Lake of Fire and Sulfur, which appears out of nowhere and, for ever so brief a moment, sucks each wretched creature into Its depths with terrible violence before vanishing again.

You've never felt pain or sorrow like this: the Pain of a Parent Who has lost billions of children forever. The grief is so overwhelming it's difficult to do your work.

The Reward of the Angels

When the last sinner is cast into Hell there is a long silence. You recall for the last time all the people you knew that had failed the Final Test. Jesus comes to every saint and wipes their tears away with His Fingers. His Loving Eyes renew your strength. The Comfort of the Spirit soothes your heart and restores your Peace.

Everyone is lead back to the City of GOD; as the Gates close behind, you are all taken to a giant hall where all the angels shall be evaluated by the saints and rewarded for their service.

You're allowed to view all the acts your guardian angels performed on your behalf, and you apologize to them for all the evil things you did that they had to watch. You hand out to each angel the reward Christ has provided you...your bond with each companion is now even stronger.

The Judgment Seat of Christ

Now it's time for all the saints to be evaluated to determine their position in the new Universe your Father is about to create. Each saint appears before Jesus with a holographic "building" between Him and them. Each saint's building is a unique blend of gold, silver, jewels, wood, hay and stubble (the stalk of a grain plant after the edible parts are removed).

Your building is set on fire; about a third of it endured and your reward is announced. Your position and responsibilities are a perfect fit, and you bow and kiss the Savior's Feet with a gratitude that is pure and sincere.

The New Cosmos

Up to this point everyone has been occupied with activity for untold thousands of millennia without the slightest fatigue... then feel a huge THUD that vibrates throughout the city; it surprises you without frightening you.

The City Gates open, never to close again as Christ leads everyone outside to A BRAND-NEW EARTH AND A BRAND-NEW UNIVERSE!!!

Unlike the dark skies of the old universe, the new Heavens are bright with the light from every new star and galaxy (since your glorified eyes can see as far as you desire in the entire spectrum)!

The ground beneath your feet, covered with grassy meadows, hills and mountain-sized trees as far as the eye can see, is soaked with the Holy Spirit of GOD like an Ocean of Divine Love!

Standing next to Christ your Father shouts with laughter, "Behold: I make all things new!"

The entire Family. numbering in the quintillions, lifts a shout of joy that lasts for years...

...millions of years later, you will have no memory of the sorrow, pain and tears of your earthy life... Part Twenty-Nine we will summarize the most important truths we learned about the Narrow Way.

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