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The Narrow Way (Part 2): AMERICA’S MOST HATED

Updated: Jan 3

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"If the Gospel is so wonderful, why is Christianity the most hated religion in the world?"

Good Question! It's true that Christianity is the most persecuted philosophy in history; in the last century more Christians have died for their worship of Jesus Christ than martyrs of any other faith.

(Note that in Part One of this series i stated that the Gospel is not a religion any more than mathematics would be considered a religion, as both are built on the foundation of historical fact and have been proven reliable by millions.)

Two factors come to mind when i think of the world's reaction to the Gospel:

  • The Cross of Jesus Christ

  • The section of this series that addresses Divine Sovereignty: the Decisions the GODHEAD made in Eternity regarding the fate of the human species before the Cosmos was made.

The Cross

It would be easy for me to author enough books to fill a public library expositing the Wonder of Christ's Cross, yet i will make every effort to focus on the subject at hand...

The Cross of Christ conveys truths about our species the world considers insulting and humiliating:

  • The human species is WICKED, DEPRAVED and hopelessly REPROBATE. Only children of the Devil would commit the atrocities we unleashed on Christ Who is our Creator and Rightful Owner.

  • None of our achievements, advances, contributions, virtuous deeds or good intentions make up for our evil hearts (hearts that believe GOD is not necessary to live a fulfilling life) ...else Christ would not have had to present Himself as a Sacrifice in our stead.

  • None of us---not a single soul--deserve to escape the Wrath of GOD.

  • Our forgiveness and restoration to fellowship with GOD was NOT cheap; it came at a Cost to the GODHEAD that can only be remotely estimated by the eternal punishment given to those who reject The FREE YET INFINITELY PRICELESS GIFT OF GRACE.

The Sovereignty of GOD

The Gospel strips us of our autonomy, pride and right to rule ourselves and gives them back to GOD. In the transcendent Light of Eternity human free will becomes a joke and our pride is finally exposed as baseless and delusional.

With this Truth alone you can discern the stark difference between the True Gospel of Christ and all false religion...

If you attend a church that teaches the heresy of Arminianism and places the power of Salvation squarely in the hands of the human soul (intellect, emotion and will) watch out: you may have unconsciously traded the Divine Gospel for human religion.

It is quite surprising how few pulpits EVER teach or even refer to the Doctrine of GOD's Sovereignty... and the excuses are numerous: "We know and believe the doctrine of predestination, but we don't want to CONFUSE our congregation with controversial ideas" or "Election is NOT an idea central to the Gospel" or "The Bible teaches that Salvation is Mankind's decision, not GOD's."

Dear Reader: EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GOSPEL IS CONTROVERSIAL AND ANTITHETICAL TO OUR MOST CHERISHED VALUES! The Way of Deliverance from the Wrath of GOD makes no sense to the human mind...that's why so many of us reject It--even while we claim to believe It.

GOD is not interested in your success or happiness or environmental comfort as much as introducing you to the Joy of a Fellowship granted only to those who have been given the Matchless Gift of a pure heart, a pure mind and a pure eye.

In Part Three we shall begin our survey of the Narrow Way with what the Bible says God did for us back when only GOD existed!

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