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God, Reality and Ignorance

Only The Godhead REALLY exists.

Am I a pantheist, or do I advocate that everyone or everything is God? Anyone who has read my books or even the contents of this blog would be hard-pressed to draw such a conclusion.

What I am saying is that Eternal Deity, having neither beginning nor end of existence, is That Most High Truth and Reality beyond Whom there is no greater.

The mystery of our present universe, in which both good and evil are present, can be easily explained if the human mind would allow the Precepts of the Holy Bible to guide it by reason and logic to the inevitable conclusions drawn therefrom.

The present physical universe and its contents, before which incomprehensible immensity and spectacular displays of thermodynamic power the human understanding cowers in speechless awe, turns out to be nothing more than a dream in the Mind of Divinity…a mere figment of the Divine Imagination.

Seeing space-time from the viewpoint of dust and sand, the atheistic mind in its simplicity concludes that matter, and the underlying chemical and quantum laws that describe (and, to a certain extent, predict) its journeys is the only truth one need be concerned with; ignoring the perceptions of its own members stating that matter is but frozen energy and…at the most elementary level, energy is nothing more than an array of ideas.

Point of Fact: Ideas do not exist without thought, and thought does not exist with out a Mind to think them.

Denying the Ultimate Truth of the Creator Whose Image it still bears, the atheistic mind is by choice a hypocrite and a schizophrenic: torn between the baseless morality it must adopt to successfully interact with its peers and the god of chaos it worships that, while promising it an ascendancy from literally nothing to its own godhood, robs it of all meaning and purpose for its own existence.

The frustration of coming from nothing and returning to nothing is to the atheistic mind a more welcomed fate than to be accountable to a Creator that measures its value by His Own Flawless, Glorious Character.

Considering the fact that matter is but an idea imagined by That Gloriously Divine Spirit Who is The Eternal Sea of Unconditional Love in which the universe(s) and its/their tenants swim, how might we best reevaluate the way we spend our most common currency–time–whether awake or asleep?

One path we might consider is for each of us to deliberate in his/her heart to once and for all lay aside the rock of Ignorance under which we delight to hide ourselves from the Face of God. At the Last Judgement I suspect that the Excuse that will be voiced by the damned above all others will be “I didn’t know.”

To this defense will come the crushing Reply: “You didn’t know…but you could’ve known. You had the opportunity to know, but decided NOT to know. Therefore you are as liable as the one who did know and was disobedient; DEPART FROM ME.”

As stated in my blog entry Hearing God (Part 1), many have adopted the view that God is unknowable and thereby have excused themselves from what many erroneously believe to be the laborious task of looking for Him.

Point of Fact: God is NOT hard to find. Not only is God knowable, but (according to the Bible) a relationship with God is required–yeah, DEMANDED of every human being living on the Earth today.

“Therefore having overlooked the times of ignorance, God is now declaring to men that all people everywhere should repent…” – Acts 17:30 “This is Eternal Life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ Whom You have sent.” John 17:3 “He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.” – Mark 16:16

You and I MUST come to know God as personally as we would know any of our family members and closest friends, else we will find ourselves before the Great White Throne of a Stranger without any Grace with which our faults may be covered.


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