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In Plain Sight

Each of us has in the core of our being a Knower.

The Knower knows things, but we’re not sure how it knows…

You know when someone is watching you.

You know when danger (evil) is present.

When I listen to my body, I know when it’s time to stop drinking dairy products and start drinking citrus juices.

We call it intuition, the sixth sense, clairvoyance, etc., and it’s so ubiquitous that scientists from here to Russia have spent decades shoving the experience through the gauntlet of the scientific method in the hope of explaining, understanding, controlling and developing it.

Yet, despite all of the myriad possibilities and applications for the Knower, there’s One Entity the Knower doesn’t seem to function towards or with at all: GOD.

Research the matter for yourself: telekenesis, remote viewing, ouija and any other topic one might find in the X-Files…you won’t find any experience where someone successfully used these tools to FIND GOD.

“For since in the Wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the Message preached [The Gospel of Jesus Christ] to save those who believe.” – The Apostle Paul, 1st Corinthians 1:21

If God exists as the Holy Bible describes Him, you would think that there would be to the Knower nothing more obvious and overwhelming than the Presence of God…

…but God–for whatever reason–chose to hide Himself from my Knower (Isaiah 45:15); so that the ONLY WAY I could come to experience Him would be to HEAR AND BELIEVE HIS WORD (Romans 10:17). This is how the Bible itself came to be: humans heard the Holy Spirit of Christ (1st Peter 1:10, 11) speak the Word of God to them; they believed, spoke and wrote what they heard.

Christ Himself is called the Word of God because it was He who spoke the Cosmos itself into being…

…indeed, it has always been through the Agency of Christ that God has communicated with all creation.

And here is the paradox: how is it possible to be IN God (Acts 17:28), and yet not be aware of God? Can a whale live all of its life in water and yet not believe that water exists???

This is what the Bible calls “spiritual death:” being in God yet remaining incapable of believing in, sensing, hearing, relating to, communicating with or fellowshipping with Him.

And as I stated in my blog entry “The End of Guilt (Part 2),” if you can’t do what God made you to do, there’s no reason for you to continue to exist.

The GOOD NEWS is that God has left us His Holy Spirit as well as His Written Word in nearly every language on Earth so that, if we wish, we can come to know Him as well as He knows us!


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