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The Standing Rock Massacre

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

What does the Flag of the United States of America mean to a Sioux living on the Standing Rock Native-American Reservation?

How would you feel if the U.S. Government came to your land in the onset of winter (20 degrees Fahrenheit at night), cut off your access to health services and fired tear gas, water cannon, concussion grenades, rubber bullets and bean bag rounds as well as releasing guard dogs at you–all because you disapprove of have a pipeline run through your property WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION?

It’s not my purpose in this blog to enumerate the legal atrocities committed against the Sioux…you can find that HERE.

I’m taking these few moments to express how EMBARRASSED and ASHAMED I am of my government for allowing local law enforcement and pipeline builders’ (Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners) security forces to commit such atrocities against people exercising their First Amendment rights. Here are the kinds of injuries that are being reported:

  1. Cardiac Arrest

  2. Involuntary Vomiting

  3. Hypothermia

  4. Forearm Tissue and Muscle “blown away”

  5. Eye Injury

This oppression needs to stop, and all parties involved must come to the negotiating table. Now is an opportune moment for President-Elect Trump to come forward and unite the nation behind the water protectors!

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