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To Be True or Not To Be True

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Perhaps apart from the axioms of basic mathematics and the inevitability of death, the majority of society appears to have accepted the philosophy that truth is relative. That is to say: what may be considered as fact to you may be considered falsehood to me.

One person may conclude the evidence for God’s Existence is overwhelming while another observes that the universe runs itself quite well without an Intelligent Designer.

One person crunching the numbers for weeks on end may see climate change as a serious threat to the survival of the human species while another, looking at those same numbers, may view the “threat” of climate change as insignificantly distant at best.

One person may point to Obama, Ophrah and LeBron and proclaim that Blacks in America have finally arrived at the palace of the American Dream while another may point at the mass-incarceration of Black men, the execution of unarmed Black men by police and the zero ownership of broadcast media by Blacks in our country and say that there’s a deliberate attempt by SOMEONE to keep Blacks at the low end of the economic scale and forever dependent on “The State” for their well-being.

I suggest that the Relativistic Pluralists at their most pensive and introspective moment would willingly admit that there are at least a FEW things that are TRUE FOR EVERYONE…ABSOLUTELY TRUE…UNIVERSALLY TRUE; else there would be no common ground whatsoever for communication, education, collaboration, commerce and progress.

And this is where, as a society, we have shot ourselves in the foot.

In the practicality of our everyday lives we are forced to accept that it is IMPOSSIBLE for something to come from nothing, yet we teach our children “Evolution is a scientific fact.”

We watch videos of Black men and women falling into police custody and somehow winding up DEAD, yet have no problem coming up with an excuse for why the police are NOT culpable.

We hear out of Trump’s own mouth that women don’t deserve the dignity and respect demanded by their male counterparts, yet somehow have assured ourselves that this frightening lack of character doesn’t disqualify him from leading a nation with the most lethal military arsenal and force on the planet.

We have become a nation of hypocrites, but that is not the greatest of our crimes. Our greater crime is MAKING HYPOCRISY A LEGITIMATE AND ACCEPTABLE METHOD OF LIVING AND DOING BUSINESS WITH EACH OTHER AND THE WORLD.

And because of that ABSOLUTE TRUTH we find ourselves not with a gun to our foot, but a gun to our head.

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