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Updated: Mar 1

I love philosophy. Philosophy is the Friend of GOD. Philosophy strikes at the heart of what we think and feel and the language we employ to express those thoughts and feelings.

Philosophy explains why a nation of liars would elect a liar as their President as well as why lying itself is considered necessary–nay, ESSENTIAL to binding our society together and moving it forward.

But I digress…


“I am a woman | man | mother | father | professional | black | white…”

That’s not philosophical enough…you are Something…yes, that’s a good word.

You are “Something.” You are Something Precious (to yourself, if not anyone else). What makes you so precious? Is it your DNA | fingerprint | Retinas? Is it your self-awareness, your experience or the relationships that shape your identity?

“Something” is a big word that is FULL of meaning–especially when placed next to the word “Nothing.” Nothing is also a huge word, but not for the same reason that “Something” is. Nothing is astounding for its total absence of meaning, substance, or anything else. So profound is the idea of Nothing, we find only two societies in the ancient world that thought deeply enough to express it mathematically (“zero”): the Hindi and the Maya.

Evolutionary Cosmologists (ECs) would have us believe that we Somethings came from Nothing (more accurately, Something on the head of a pin). As profound as the idea that the entire Universe could fit on the head of a pin is, we can’t stop there. ECs also believe that all of us Somethings, whether self-aware or not, will inevitably become Nothing.

The language used to describe this Something-to-Nothing progression is quite sophisticated; yet if you condense it down to its philosophical essence, that’s the long and short of it.

I don’t have the time to speculate on where the head of the pin that all Something came from came from (and the ECs refuse to). Neither would it serve us to hope that eventually the Universe will reverse course and bring us back to the head of the pin and start all over; evidence tells us that the Universe is actually expanding at an increasingly faster rate (a phenomenon that itself makes no sense).

What we CAN do is decide if the interpretation of the evidence presented by the ECs really fits all of the facts…which, sad to say, it doesn’t.

If Something eventually becomes Nothing, it follows that Something was Nothing all along…Something was simply Nothing in disguise. Which means that YOU ARE NOTHING…

…and, Dear Reader, you and I, on a clear day with clear minds, know better than that.

As much as the ECs would hate to admit it, our entire civilization with it’s laws, morals and traditions is build around the idea that SOMETHING IS SOMETHING; SOMETHING CAME FROM SOMETHING; SOMETHING HAS ALWAYS BEEN SOMETHING AND SOMETHING CAN NEVER BE NOTHING.

If you believe the ECs, we as a species have built our society on a lie (which certainly explains a lot).

But did we? When you look yourself or your loved ones in the eye, what do you see? Nothing?

Does not the concepts of Beauty, Compassion, Loyalty, the precision of mathematics, the patriotism that drives us to war, the pleasure of fulfilling our appetites, the transcendence of music and the AWE we experience when beholding something exquisite (natural or man-made)–and even the idea of “exquisite” itself tell us that there is a Greater, Eternal Something to Whom we are indebted?

The Bible says that the wind | breath | spirit of man came from GOD and, at death, returns to GOD (Something came from Something and returns to Something).

“Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: ‘I am the First and I am the Last; besides Me there is no god.'” – Isaiah 44:6 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” – Revelation 22:13

The Bible says that this same GOD shall return to the Earth | Universe He created and bring every human who has ever lived back from the dead–spirit, soul and body.

This destiny and its underlying philosophy (“You are Something Else!”) is far better than that proposed by the ECs and, more importantly…

…it’s the Truth.

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