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Who Goes to Heaven?

I have not written a blog post for nearly two years (since the summer of 2019).

But I’ve been watching and I’ve been listening…to everyone.

I’ve been listening to the right, the left and the moderate. I’ve been listening to the media-both institutionalized, independent and fringe. I’ve listened to the whites, the blacks and all the colors in between. I’ve listened to the atheists, agnostics, religious and devout. I’ve listened to the historians and the conspiracy theorists.

And I’ve listened to American Christendom on both sides of the isle…Republican and Democrat.

…and i believe it’s time to speak.

In the middle of all the wars, debates, slanders and advocations, clarity is found in the simple fact that the question faced by American citizens is NOT a matter of who is right and who is wrong because EVERYONE IS WRONG ABOUT SOME ISSUE. And this is not simply due to hardness of heart; there is just so much information (factual, false and all the shades in between), it would be difficult for even the most astute intellectual to separate the wheat from the chaff.

No, Dear Reader, the correct Question to ask is “AM I GOING TO HEAVEN?”

“Am I approved by God; and if I am approved, WHY am I approved?

This is the MOST IMPORTANT Question facing us all today, and very few of us are taking the time to ask it, much less finding the answer. Once that question is answered and resolved, it becomes MUCH EASIER to find answers to the questions of politics, economics, race, and culture (and any others I’ve neglected to mention).

Of all the people alive on Earth at this moment, ONLY CHRISTIANS ARE GOING TO HEAVEN…

…the rest will burn in the Lake of Fire.

This begs two other questions:

  1. What is a Christian?

  2. Why are Christians so favored by GOD above everyone else?

For the sake of time and (writing) space I’ll be brief.


(Which is worse: a man who is insulted and beats his insulter to unconsciousness, or a coward who is insulted and walks away from his insulter with HATRED in his heart? Which is worse: the one who pushes the nuclear button or the one who made it?)

Three truths identify every Christian:

  1. The Christian is HONEST about how evil he or she really is.

  2. The Christian is CHOSEN BY GOD before he or she chooses GOD.

  3. The Christian, BEING EVIL, does not condemn people, but BEHAVIOR.

Each of these truths create a barrier of separation between the Christian and their fellow human beings–not by choice, but by Divine Sovereignty.


For the atheist, agnostic and spiritist, Evil doesn’t really exist. The intent of the heart, the thoughts of the mind and the behavior of the body are neither evil nor good, but PROFITABLE OR UNPROFITABLE. Morality is defined by HOW IT BENEFITS THE SELF.

For the religious (who are just as evil as the rest of us and even more evil in some respects because they believe themselves to be both more good than and better than the rest of us) righteousness (or, more accurately the perception of righteousness [“I want you to BELIEVE that I’m good”]) is an achievement of the spiritually strong, and therefore the foundation of SPIRITUAL RACISM and SPIRITUAL SUPERIORITY.

In all four cases (the atheist, agnostic, spiritist and religious) righteousness is always defined in RELATIVE terms (comparing themselves with each other) and NEVER in absolute terms (comparing themselves with GOD, in Whose Image they were created).

That’s why they cannot under any circumstances admit to Christ’s Deity and Identity as The WORD of GOD; for if they did, they would be exposed as the wicked creatures they are, for Christ’s Righteousness is both TRANSCENDENT and UNATTAINABLE by those who are evil…which is all of us–both saved and unsaved.

Divine Righteousness is defined by The WORD of GOD and GLORIFIES GOD and SERVES GOD’S PURPOSE. Therefore those who are GRANTED THE FREE GIFT OF Divine Righteousness by Faith in Christ are always broken, meek, humble and forgiving. These recipients of GRACE understand that if GOD didn’t MAKE them holy, Holiness would be unattainable and they would end up in the Lake of Fire with everyone else.

Free Will

The possession of choice and right to choose is one of America’s sacred cows; and as with all sacred cows, dogma is inseparable from hypocrisy. We boast about the freedom to choose while being subjugated by a system that limits our choices (only two political parties, the ban on natural medical cures by the medical establishment, the right to vote while at the same time restricting who can vote, etc.). It’s no different with matters of faith: we demand justice from others while at the same refusing to allow ourselves to be held accountable for the injustices we commit constantly as a matter of tradition and culture.

We even have the audacity to proclaim that GOD does not EVER violate our free will… a myth completely blasted to oblivion by the historic record of Holy Scripture (The Bible). Not only does GOD manipulate human will to suit His Divine Purpose, but He has taken consequence completely out of the hands of all created beings. That is to say: you may make your decisions, but you have absolutely no control over the consequences of those decisions.

The Bible is clear that THE ONLY REASON we are able to choose Christ is because The GODHEAD chose us while They were still designing the blueprint for existence. This is considered heretical in modern philosophical circles because it launches a direct assault on the root of our pride: self-worship. Self-worship will NEVER allow GOD to be GOD; at best GOD can only be our Top Advisor or worse: we are God, making the True GOD nothing more than an equal (which is quite laughable).


Most of us are only concerned with what others do to or for us, and never WHY others do what they do. In the Bible Rachel LIED TO HER OWN PEOPLE and was not only rewarded as a woman of Faith for her lie, but was granted a place in the human ancestry of Jesus Christ! As far as the people of Jericho were concerned (if they ever found out what she did) Rachel would be condemned as a traitor; but GOD saved both her and her household of “pagans” in both this life and the life to come.

No one understands more than I do that that the separation of Intent from Behavior has been rife with abuse in the world’s judicial systems (i.e., the insanity plea). I pray that your sense of justice is comforted in the fact that GOD CANNOT BE FOOLED; He sees all intent and thought clear as day and KEEPS METICULOUS RECORDS of every word that is spoken as though each word is an act in itself.

For this reason I can tell you with confidence that, outside of GOD’s Right to choose whoever He wishes according to the ELECTION OF GRACE, no one gets away with anything.


It is my hope that this brief essay will give you the tools you need both to determine your place in the universe as well as provide you a solution should you find your place in the universe to be undesirable. If you wish to go to Heaven, YOU CAN!

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